Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your philosophy on training? 

We are a big fan of multiball training.  Generally the majority of the time  will be focus on multiball training.  We believe multiball training is the fastest and most efficient way for a student to learn and improve their Table Tennis skills.   During our lessons, we use multiball training to improve movement inefficiencies, timing, and stroke production.

How long does a lesson last?

Typically, lessons are 60 minutes long.

How much are each lessons? 

Each lesson typically start at $60 per hour.  Student and senior citizen receive a reduce rate.  We also have a trial session for a reduce rate.

Do you do in-home training?

Yes, we do.  Just fill in the contact us form and we can discuss further.

Do you have group classes?

We are currently working on that and will provide further details in the near future.

Where do you do your lessons?

Typically we can do the private lessons at King Pong Soho, SPIN NY or at private residence.